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Naseer Shamma and his Quartet: Spirits at the Barbican Centre in London

What was named a spectacular event and was set to compete with the semi finals of the World Cup made its way into the hearts and minds of fans across the United Kingdom, on the 11th of July world renowned maestro and oud master Naseer Shamma invited leading eastern and western musicians to accompany him in the show: "Spirits".

Carlos Pinana of Spain on the Flamenco Guitar, Shahbaz Hussein of Pakistan on the Tabla, Ashraf Sharif Khan on the Pakistani Sitar and Miguel Angel Orengo of Spain the nights percussionist came together with the maestro Naseer Shamma in a 90 minute performance that gripped the audience to their seats. The Barbican Centre known for its strong appearance in the London music scene in hosting a vast range of artists from across the globe made the event possible in coordination with Marsm UK and Capriccio Events.

Program notes from Naseer Shamma's Spirits concert at the Barbican Centre in London, 11th July 2018

as the show came to an end the audience gave a standing ovation, and followed was a half an hour of interactions with the crowd, Shamma thanked the organisers that made the event possible, this significant due to the fact that Shamma had not performed in England since over a decade.

Shamma promised to work out a future tour in which he would hold concerts in a number of cities in the United Kingdom. Capriccio are working with the Maestro to ensure the tour comes as soon as possible and will keep you updated.


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